Super Natural Facial Set

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SuperNatural Facial kits- 2 ounce and 6 ounce. This is a completely holistic alternative to younger looking skin without using chemicals which have harsh side effects and actually age your skin.
(1) Barbie Jane- Ozone Scrub with Black Seed Oil and Himalayan Pink Salt (Black Seed Oil was one of Cleopatra’s secret beauty serums) Really pulls loose skin back into place and restores elasticity. Cover entire face and neck while keeping eyes somewhat firmly closed.
(2) Angel Spray- Natural Pure Distilled Toner to intensely-activate Step One (1). This keeps the scrub lubricated while causing the Ozone cells to burst and split into multiplied oxygen cells accelerating the tightening process over the surface of your skin. This causes the pores to react and absorb more of the minerals from the salt and vitamins from the black seed oil. What an amazing tingling as you feel your skin tightening all across your face. You will notice some slight burning sensation where you may have creases in skin; don’t worry, that is where it is really working flattening those creases. 
(3) Skylar Lane- Sunflower Maximum Moisture Skin Saturation Cream with Ozone and Hemp(CBD) for a peaceful sense of tranquility.
More CBD than your average Hemp pain cream. wOw. Smells like walking into a fine dispensary and makes you relax while the activated ozone is multiplying moisture to seal in all the skin tightening effects that have just taken place. This stuff really tops it off for an elegant spa quality facial. Better than a glass of wine. No facial set in the world replicates this. Unbelievable!

2 ounce- approximately 6-8 luxury facials
6 ounce- approximately 18-24 luxury facials/ best value!