CBD Salmon Oil/CBG-1500mg

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CBD-CBG Salmon oil for pets 1500 mg. One ounce bottle contains 500mg CBD plus 1000mg CBG the Cannabinoid which has been found very effective for stopping pain signals to the brain. Grove Appalachia has made this CBD/CBG tincture using 100% pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for base oil. No need for fake flavorings, this is the real stuff. We choose this as from a dog or cat perspective. Great for high anxiety, stress, joint pain and more extreme situations than average CBD. Pet's notice what they ingest because their senses are more sensitive. A potent dose of CBD/CBG in a completely natural form, nothing un-necessary added, just quality salmon oil and select hemp flower (not bio-mass like most brands). Our pet customers always send their masters back for more because it works and is designed especially for our feline and canine friends.