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Bathsheba Ancient Salt Scrub with pure Dead Sea Salt. Choose Summer Citrus, Winter Mint or Coffee Blend.

A proven remedy to dissolve cellulite and shrink loose skin fast!

We have researched to create the perfect blend of all natural oils with pure Certified uncut Dead Sea Salt which makes the most powerful all natural penetrating scrub possible. Our untreated Dead Sea Salt is certified pure and that's our secret delivering you pure rich mineral content that produce powerful results the way nature intended. Beware Dead Sea Salt products diluted with epson salt which you can get anywhere, rest assured our product is pure certified Dead Sea Salt. Used for purification, healing, and replenishing to body's defenses. Besides using our Bathsheba for incredibly smooth feet and hands, severe acne, eczema, rosatia, psoriasis, poison ivy, for neurological invigoration, improving circulation, we have found our blend to produce dramatic results in dissolving cellulite, severely wrinkled, extreme scar tissue and stretched skin or stretch marks. (See our amazing short video below under product video's.)  


Bathsheba Summer Citrus Ancient Salt Scrub revitalizes the mind, strengthens spirit reducing depression and sharpening the natural thought process. 

Bathsheba Winter Mint Ancient Salt Scrub relaxes the mind and calms the senses for a relaxing sensational experience.

Bathsheba Coffee Blend Ancient Salt Scrub has a rich aromatic flavor arouses the senses with real caffeine to provide extra tightening and shrinking of skin cells.

Bathsheba Ancient Salt Scrub is not a cover up. Commonly used to treat and dissolve cellulite, wrinkled skin and promote healthy new skin growth. Not only the most effective treatment you can do to reduce aging effects naturally, but we make if affordable so every day people can benefit from the richest natural blends in the world. Stop wasting money on chemicals and get real results that last a lifetime with our Bathsheba Ancient Salt Scrub.


We believe that modern technology doesn't always mean it's better. Remember when the packages were actually full and the product inside was better than they said? We still try and do it like that. We provide a product that all we say it is and strive that your experience is better than you expect.

Pure untreated Dead Sea Salt with no additives directly blended with rich and essential oils sealed into your own personal container. More potent than over the counter remedies costing unreasonable prices and produce no result. You don't need a prescription from a dermatologist for this but the results are what you would expect from expensive doctor visits. Pure, clean undiluted natural refreshment for your skin. It never felt so good, warning it's addictive. What are you waiting for? Embrace your appearance.



For best results it is preferable to have someone apply for you. Apply to whole area you desire to be treated. For cellulite and loose displaced skin, rub vigorously making sure area is lubricated with the oils contained in Bathsheba Ancient Salt Scrub to avoid stretching skin. (Anytime you stretch your skin whether it be rubbing your eyes or anyplace on the body, if it is not lubricated will stretch the skin, thus creating a new wrinkle. Remembering this can help avoid stretching your skin in the future.) Many that have used Bathsheba for diminishing cellulite and dramatically shrinking loose skin have had dramatic results rubbing product onto treated area continuously for 40 minutes. After application to skin you can either lightly rinse with warm water or you can gently wipe any remaining with soft clean towel. DO NOT wash with soap afterwards. Oils contain vitamins and salt minerals in Bathsheba Ancient Salt Scrub feed skin transforming skin more permanently for a fresh new appearance. For treating facial skin or tender areas, we recommend using Bathsheba Ancient Facial with fine ground Dead Sea Salt. We hope your experience with Bathsheba provides you the greatest of results. Thank You for choosing Bathsheba Ancient Salt Scrub.




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  • 5
    Works wonders!

    Posted by Donna Williams on 28th Jul 2016

    Loved this product. I could tell a difference after one use on my knees. I look forward to my second application in hopes more results. Even if it didn't tighten skin, I would still purchase it. My skin felt like silk after I used it!

  • 5
    This works!

    Posted by Denise , LMT on 26th Jun 2015

    After only ONE application, my batwing arms are toned and tight. I used it on a client's baggy underarm from massive weight loss and it immediately toned and tightened her arms also. Great product, good price, wonderful glass container. My order came in two days.

  • 5

    Posted by CHERI J. SHIELDS on 9th Oct 2014

    As an RN Registered Nurse I always read labels and decided to try this product as a believer in herbal remedys. Truly this product does work just as the product description states. I saw dramatic remarkable results after the very first scrub and after each use on my wrinkle loose skin areas that removed the wrinkles and tightened my skin, as well as the cellulite areas. This product is MIRACULOUSLY AWESOME. I highly recommend this product and have no recommendations for improvement because it works just as it is!

  • 4
    Great Product!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2014

    I love the Salty Dog!! The only complaint I have is that I would like it even more if the salt was finer. I understand that is all natural, but it is too abrasive for the face and the top of feet. I will still purchase it again though. If it doesn't come in finer salt, maybe I can grind it up somehow. Let me know!!